If you do nothing else, learning how to create good compost that can transform your garden and rid you of the need of harsh chemicals. Compost is the missing magic!

Gardening Basics

Marion covers the core basics that determine whether your garden has a chance of being a "Dream Garden."

Vegetable Gardening

Marion lives in one the world's harshest climates, but using her well-honed approach you will learn how to grow vegetables year round just like she does.

Flower Gardening

Marion runs a bed & breakfast at her home and loves nothing more than to bring color to her guests thanks to a well-curated flower garden.

If you love of all things flowers, you will enjoy the videos and articles Marion has waiting for you that show a series of simple steps to grow vibrant flowers.

Harvesting, Storing and Cooking

Once you have done the hard work, Marion shows you the fun and pleasure you get from having a dream garden, by making your own jams, pickles and ehancing your meals using fresh herbs and vegetables from your garden.

Gardening Maintenance

Your "dream garden" is possible once you start putting into place key maintenance measures. Marion reveals a year round maintenance plan that has worked in her garden for 35 years.