Growing Vegetables in a Small Garden? Try This!

If you've ever wished for more abundant harvests without compromising plant space, then Marion Owen's innovative gardening experiment might just be the answer!

Marion, an enthusiastic gardener in Kodiak, Alaska for 40 years, discovered a unique method called "SOS potatoes" or Sprouts on Spuds, which allows you to grow two crops in the same space simultaneously.

In this intriguing article, we'll dive into Marion's experiences and learn how you too can achieve a bountiful garden using this unconventional technique.

1. The Aha Moment

Marion begins her journey by sharing her special "aha moment" when planting potatoes. She decided to run with her idea, and the results left her thrilled. With a contagious enthusiasm, Marion exclaims, "Let's run with what happened!"

2. The Experiment

Marion's garden space was limited, but that didn't deter her. She dedicated a raised bed to her innovative experiment, covering it with fishnet to keep pesky birds away. Marion dug a trench and planted smaller potatoes known as drop-ins, which she learned about from potato scientists in Palmer, Alaska. These drop-ins are less susceptible to rot, making them ideal for sprouting.

3. Chitting Potatoes and Planting Greens

Have you ever heard of chitting? It's not a swear word! Marion explains the process of chitting, where the potatoes sprout before planting. "When your potatoes pre-sprout like this, that's a good thing," she remarks. Once the potatoes were planted in the trench, she covered them with soil. On top of the soil,

Marion sowed specialty seeds for a variety of delicious greens such as mesclun mixes, mustard mixes, and braising mixes. She highlights the excellent selection from Renee's Garden, including a tantalizing stir-fry mix and wintergreens.

Renees garden

4. Growth and Harvest

Marion eagerly awaits the growth of both the greens and potatoes. After about two to three weeks, the greens start to flourish, indicating that the potatoes will soon emerge from below. To make way for the potato shoots, Marion carefully harvests the greens. She joyfully exclaims, "As I pull away and harvest these greens, lo and behold, there is a little potato shoot that popped up!" This exciting discovery spurs her on to continue harvesting and making space for the thriving potato plants.

5. Abundant Harvest

The end result of Marion's "SOS Potatoes" experiment is a bountiful harvest. She proudly shares her success, exclaiming, "Oh my gosh, I got a great harvest!" The mixed greens were pulled away, allowing the potatoes to continue growing. Marion's garden is a testament to the power of experimentation and innovation in maximizing garden space and reaping the rewards of a thriving harvest.

6. Final Inspiration

Marion's experiment with SOS Potatoes is an inspiring example of how "going with the flow" and creative thinking can bring about positive changes to your gardening experience. In this case, by combining the cultivation of potatoes with specialty greens in the same bed, Marion successfully maximized her garden's potential.

This innovative approach not only allows you to enjoy a variety of crops in limited space but also encourages resourcefulness and exploration in the garden.

So, if you're ready to take your small garden to new heights (no pun intended), why not give SOS Potatoes a try? Embrace Marion's enthusiasm and create a garden bursting with life and abundance. Get ready for a fun gardening adventure and watch your harvests thrive as you experiment with Sprouts on Spuds.

Remember, the joy of gardening is not only in the final harvest but also in the journey of discovery along the way.

Happy gardening, and may your SOS potatoes bring you an abundance of delicious crops!

Would you like to see more of Marion's videos? Follow this link to her YouTube channel, The Gardener's Coach.

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