Let's get started on Gardening Maintenance

Gardening Maintenance 101

What you'll learn: Your "dream garden" is possible once you start putting into place key maintenance measures. Marion reveals a year round maintenance plan that has worked in her garden for 35 years.

What do slugs eat?

Have you ever wondered, "What do slugs eat?" In this video, you'll learn which plants slugs eat and which plants slugs don't eat so you can proactively control slugs in your garden.

Is it better to pull weeds with wet or dry soil?

Is it better to pull weeds with wet or dry soil? If you're an avid gardener like I am, the chances are, you've had to pull some weeds at one time or another. But which is better, wet or dry soil?

Wait a second! You might be tempted to pull weeds regardless of the condition of your soil, but it's important to know when it's best to pull weeds. So let's dig in!

Why gardening maintenance is important

Gardening tasks like cutting back bushes, weeding flower beds, caring for vegetables and trimming trees can be tedious and difficult. But if you've got the right tools and know-how, they don't have to be.

And it's not just about saving money: By getting involved in your garden's upkeep, you'll also get to know it better.

You'll see how all of its components work together and learn what kinds of plants work best in different conditions.

So don't wait until spring rolls around again before you start thinking about your garden's future! Start planning now so that when the time comes for planting seeds or watering flowers, you'll be ready!

Your garden is full of life and color. It brings you joy every day. It's important that you know how to keep your garden healthy and thriving so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

It's an expression of your love for plants. It's also reflection of your personality, interests, and values. The way you maintain it says a lot about who you are as a person, and how much care you put into even the smallest details.

But it's not always easy to keep up with garden chores. If you're like most people, you have other things to do in your life: Family obligations, a job, hobbies.

But if you don't know how to take care of your garden, it can start to look like the weeds are winning.

If this describes you and your garden, I've got a few tips for how to maintain your garden so that it stays healthy and beautiful without taking over your entire life.

Here are three tips for keeping your garden looking its best:

  1. Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you're feeling overwhelmed by all that needs to be done (especially after returning from a vacation) in the garden, don't be afraid to reach out to friends or family members who might be able to lend a hand. They'll probably enjoy helping out and getting out into the fresh air as much as you do.

  2. Be realistic about what chores you can accomplish on your own versus what jobs are best left to professional help. Besides, not everyone is cut out for mowing lawns or tackling weeds.

  3. Plan ahead when taking on projects, such as building raised beds or assembling a greenhouse kit. Learn how to prioritize. If you've never gardened before, it can be easy to underestimate just how much time and effort is involved in creating and maintaining a beautiful garden.

You may think that a great-looking garden with a lush, green lawn is worth it during the summer only, but this doesn't mean that you are off the hook in the in the cold, or off season.

To avoid having to deal with laborious and difficult gardening tasks when spring comes around again, make sure you're tackling small tasks like leave raking or pruning—they can save you from having to pay lots to your gardener once summer rolls around again!

Don't worry if your first attempt doesn't turn out perfectly. Just keep swimming and try again the next year (or the year after that).

Finally, think about why you started gardening in the first place. What got you interested in learning how to grow flowers, fruits, herbs, and vegetables? Was it because you wanted to grow more food? Or you wanted to improve your property's curb appeal?

Or maybe you just wanted a more pleasant outdoor space for you and your family. It's all good.