Marion Owen's Seed-Starting Secrets workshop

Seed-Starting Secrets Workshop 

Learn from Marion's 40 years of experience so your seedlings will not only LEAP TO LIFE, but THRIVE when you transplant them in the garden...

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If you are like most gardeners, when starting your own seedlings, you may have run into challenges like these: 

  • How to know when to start seeds so you can transplant them outside at the right time…
  • How to grow seedlings on a windowsill…
  • What if your seeds don’t sprout?
  • How to transplant seedlings into larger containers…
  • How to grow seedlings so they don’t get spindly and fall over...
  • Help! I run out of space every year!
  • How to know which seeds go straight into the ground…
  • And what if you’ve never planted a seed in your life?

If any of these "raw and real" challenges ring true for you, you're in the right place!

Get ready for the garden of your dreams…

In this 90-Minute workshop you’ll learn my secrets from 40 years of gardening experience for raising seeds indoors so your plants will look like healthy starts from a professional greenhouse and continue to thrive even after you transplant them outside.

This is the year to grow your own vegetable, herb, and flower seedlings that radiate with health, wellness, and vitality. No more spindly, sad little plants that are barely surviving.

This year your seeds are going to thrive.

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I strongly encourage every caring gardener to join Marion's course for the encouragement and to have access to the large amount of info she provides.    

Debra S,, Manjimup, Western Australia

What I liked the most was that Marion is able to help us with different climates. She is also very generous of her time and knowledge. And above all, she has the greatest attitude. 

Nancy V., Quebec, Canada

Marion cuts through all the misinformation, contradictions, and confusion about gardening that's on the internet. 

Christine K., Virginia

I love Marion's upbeat, positive, go get 'em attitude and demeanor. I appreciate the class format that is always jam-packed with heaps of helpful information.

Sarah C., Anchorage, Alaska

I often heard my "human" Terrell say how much she loved Marion's enthusiasm to help others. It’s clear she wants people to succeed.

Terrell B, Ohio

Marion Owen is a rock star! She helped me jump-start my new garden! Her classes would make a great gift for anyone who wants to take their garden to the next level.

Jodie Vee, Atlanta, Georgia
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No More Guesswork or Stress…
Now there’s an easier way to grow seedlings that thrive

Hi there, I am Marion!

I’ve been gardening for decades which means I’ve pulled my hair out more than a few seasons wondering what I did wrong. And yes, I’ve returned to the nursery to buy replacement plants more times than I’d like to admit…

I knew there had to be a better, easier way to grow seedlings without all the guesswork and stress. So I spent 10 years experimenting with starting seeds, talking with experts, trying new techniques, and letting go of all of the standard gardening “rules” that just didn’t work…

Bit by proven bit, I crafted the 'Seed-Starting Secrets' workshop around my High-Five method to clear up all the confusing and conflicting information out there. 

I’ve found this High-Five Method is the most effective way to help all gardeners repeatedly and successfully raise a family of plants without pulling their hair out or sneaking back to the nursery (like me!) to buy replacement plants…

For over 30 years, I've helped gardeners around the world through my classes, weekly organic gardening column, and international conferences as a keynote speaker and workshop presenter.

My photographs have been featured by the Nature Conservancy, Reader's Digest, and The Smithsonian. I also co-authored Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul, which spent 3 happy months on The New York Times bestseller list.

Gardeners deserve a tried-and-true method for starting seeds that actually works. Seed-Starting Secrets follows my proven, no-nonsense "High-Five" method that I developed after years of experience and trial and error and it’s going to give you the garden of your dreams. No confusion, no stress, no guesswork. Just beautiful, thriving seedlings that mature into beautiful, thriving plants in your garden.

For just minutes a day, your seedlings will be stout and strong and ready for transplanting.

Learn everything you need to raise strong seedlings with complete confidence following my proven High-Five Method. Your plants will not only survive, they will thrive when you transplanted into your garden.

Why start your own seeds? Here are 6 reasons why learning about seed-starting from Marion Owen will change your life:

  1. Earlier harvest: Get a jump on the growing season and put fresh food on the table sooner when you grow tomato, cabbage, and lettuce seedlings indoors for setting out when the weather mellows. The SOONER you can harvest the GREATER your overall yield for the season. 
  2. Greater variety: Here's the thing: The varieties of plants offered by commercial growers can be impressive. But it's only a tiny slice of what's available to you. For example, if you want to grow an heirloom tomato that's resistant to fusarium wilt, tolerates your special growing situation, and cooks up to a rich paste of high nutritional value, you'll have to start those from seed.
  3. Stronger, healthier seedlings:  SUPER SEEDLINGS! if you do all the right things at the right times, your plants will have well-developed roots in good soil that has not been pumped up with chemicals. Which means when you transplant them outside, they will not only survive, but THRIVE in their new home... all the way to harvest time. 
  4. Save money: Well, maybe! It's true that for the price of a dozen tomato plants, you can buy a bunch of seed packets. Thing is, there are so many choices of seeds you might find yourself trying new varieties. In essence, putting your saved money back into more seeds! It's like a quilter with a fabric addition!
  5. Food security:  There was a time when empty shelves at the grocery store might have been an isolated incident. But food security is fast becoming a household word thanks to extreme weather affecting crops, supply chain hiccups, and widespread use of chemicals.
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Best of all - The Happiness Factor: There's nothing like raising your own cucumbers all the way from seed plate. And let's not forget that planting seeds indoors is a great cure for the winter blues. Being around green growing things is a mental health boost. And kids learn where real food comes from.

Besides, plants, like pets, don't care if you're having a bad hair day!

Seed-Starting Secrets Workshop 

A proven step-by-step workshop by Marion Owen

You can learn on any device

Marion Owen's Seed Starting workshop is an ongoing learning experience that provides lifetime access to all materials, including lessons, bonuses and Zoom Q&A replays. With this course, you can refresh your knowledge and carry it into each new growing season on any device you own.

Here's What You'll Learn Inside The Workshop

The High-Five Method

Discover how best to nourish your seedlings to optimal health with recommendations on soil to use (and avoid!) and the five tools you absolutely must have to boost your plants’ immune system so they ward off pests and disease.

Timing Is Everything

Know exactly WHEN to start your seedlings indoors so you transplant them outside at the perfect time... And you'll be ready for the Big Day by hardening-off seedlings the right way so they're bursting with health, even after you transplant them in their new home.

Confidence To Start

New to seed-starting? No worries! This workshop is for beginners to experts. You’ll learn how to “grow your own” even if you've never planted a  seed before... And, best of all, you’ll finish the workshop feeling as confident as a seasoned professional greenhouse keeper.

What's included in the 'Seed-Starting Secrets' workshop?

A Workshop, a Workbook, and Five Bonuses... Oh My!

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The 'Seed-Starting Secrets' Workshop and Workbook (Value: $89)

Discover the best way to nourish your seedlings to optimal health with recommendations on soil to use (and avoid!) and the five tools you absolutely must have to boost your plants’ immune system so they can ward off pests and disease.

Mod 1 Gotta love that compost
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Organic Fertilizers You Can Make at Home (Value: $21)

Discover how best to nourish your seedlings to optimal health with recommendations on soil to use (and avoid!) and the five tools you absolutely must have to boost your plants’ immune system so they ward off pests and disease. 

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How to Grow Seedlings on Windowsills (Value: $19)

Though not all indoor conditions are ideal for growing seedlings, knowing how to make the best of low-light situations can mean the difference between weak and leggy seedlings and stout and healthy ones.

Mod 1 First aid for soil

Non-Toxic Remedies for Pests and Diseases (Value: $22)

Remedies you can make at home to help your plants overcome a cocktail of slugs, bugs, and other thugs

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4 1

How to Shop Smart When Buying Seeds and Seedlings (Value: $17)

The ultimate guide to shopping for seeds and commercially-grown seedlings (think how to order seeds and get the best bang for your buck). 

Seed starting DDS coversm

Escorting Your Seedlings Through Transplanting and Beyond (Value: $11)

It's a big, bad world out there! This essential guide to protecting seedlings after transplanting them in the garden will give them a fighting chance. 

Meet Your Instructor - Marion Owen

New York Times Bestselling Author

chicken soup for the soul books

Thirty-five years ago, Marion was like you, a frustrated gardener!

Marion had a passion for gardening. But she had no idea what she was doing. Back then, there was no YouTube and no internet.

Sometimes she was lucky and her efforts were rewarded. Most of the time though, she felt discouraged and frustrated. Because of the mistakes she made, the hours wasted, and the money lost, she nearly gave up.

As the years went by, Marion managed to develop a green thumb. Now, three decades later, she writes a weekly garden column. and has been been featured in Better Homes & GardensReader's Digest and Organic Gardening.

Marion even wrote a New York Times bestseller, "Chicken Soup for the Gardener's Soul", which has inspired thousands of gardeners around the globe.

Having felt the frustration that only beginners know, she decided that my legacy would be to help other like-minded gardeners fast-track their journey to gardening success!

Marion has spent decades teaching gardeners like you. Her students are happy to share their success:

Heather Corriere - Kodiak, Alaska

Clint M., Calgary, AB

"This was money well spent. For 20+ years I wasted my time composting.

"It took six months to make a batch of compost that made little difference to our garden anyway. 

"I now understand what actually happens in a compost heap and I have a whole new level of enthusiasm for gardening."

Clint M

Judy Phillips - Kodiak, Alaska

Jodie Vee, Atlanta, GA

"Marion Owen is a rock star! The Compost Academy jump-started my new garden!

"Highly recommend! It would make a great gift for anyone you know who wants to get started or take a garden to the next level."

Jodie Vee

Christine Kaineg - Alexandria, Virginia

Georgia B., Anchorage, AK

"Thanks to the Compost Academy I won't be taking enormous bags of grass clippings, leaves, and food waste to the dump.

"I’ll be making compost! I didn’t just learn about composting. I learned so much about gardening.

"I didn’t have a mentor until I met Marion Owen in the Compost Academy.

Georgia B

Phil Carl - Columbia Falls, Montana

Silvia H., Edmonton, AB

I have just finished the Compost Academy and I highly recommend it!

"Marion Owen is an amazing, knowledgeable tutor, witty, and super helpful!

Silvia H

Hazel Krumm

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Gardeners Coach Courses Buy Buttons 2

With the $150 you save, you can purchase seed-starting supplies to get your garden off on the right foot.

What are you waiting for? Join today!

Your Happiness and Satisfaction Is Important to Me

You are fully protected by my 100% satisfaction-guarantee.


This workshop is completely risk-free because you are protected by my Unconditional 100 %, money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the workshop, please reach out to me within 15 days of your purchase date. To assist me in understanding your concerns, kindly provide a brief explanation. I will issue a full refund to you if we cannot resolve your issue.

All the best,

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