Harvest, Preserve & Cook

Harvesting, preserving and cooking

What you'll learn: Once you have done the hard work, Marion shows you the fun and pleasure you get from having a dream garden, from making your own jams and pickles to drying herbs and vegetables to enhance your meals year round.

Cooking with Carrots Recipe

Carrots are the world's favorite vegetable. No kidding. Carrots boast more carotene than any fruit or vegetable, and they're recipe-friendly -- adapting to a wide assortment of foods and recipes (as you'll see below). In the garden, carrots are an all-around favorite, along with tomatoes, corn, and lettuce.

How and Why to Harvest, Preserve, and Cook

Harvesting, preserving and cooking food from the garden is a terrific way to ensure that you have fresh, healthy food on hand all year long. But food from the garden is just the beginning. You can enjoy herbs and flowers as well with the same mindset.

With just a little imagination, preparation, and know-how, you'll be able to "put up" or stock up your harvest for year-round goodness and added security against food insecurity.

Luckily, there are many ways to ensure that all those beans, tomatoes, berries, and herbs don't go to waste.

Here are some basic tips on how to harvest and preserve your garden's bounty.

It's important to harvest at the right time so you can enjoy garden produce at its peak flavor and nutritional value. The harvest period might span days, weeks, even months.

Once you've harvested, it's time for preserving. Canning, freezing, pickling, salt curing, fermenting, juicing, and drying are just a few options.

Cooking With Your Preserved Produce
Now what should you do with all that you put up, or preserved? That's easy...! Cook! The possibilities are endless. If you're accustomed to store-bought food though, then it might take some practice and brainstorming to learn how cook with your bounty.

Okay, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Just know that harvesting, preserving, and cooking from the garden is fun and rewarding. Plus, it's like having money in the bank.