August 7

Sunday Garden Review


Sunday Garden Review

I am delighted to bring you my first Sunday Garden Review. It marks the start of my new YouTube channel and the launch of my new website.

Each sunday I look forward to sharing with you snippets of what's happening in my garden and how you can appy this to your garden.

My aim is to build a community of like minded gardeners, so please pop your thoughts in the comments as I am always keen to find out what type of content you would like me to create here at the Gardeners Coach.

Until next Sunday, have a great week!

Marion Owen

About the author

Marion Owen has been described as a “gardening rockstar” and “the queen of composting”. Since 1985 she has developed a gardening system that is being used by enthusiasts in North America, India, UK, Europe and Australia.  When she’s not turning gardening or kayaking, Marion conducts workshops and writes a weekly organic gardening column.

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