Garden Faces & Vases

Fine Art Prints by Marion Owen

"Garden Faces and Vases"

$350 $250

Brighten your home, office (or bathroom!) with "Garden Faces and Vases," one of Marion Owen's bestselling, nature images.

Printed on metal, the vibrant colors take on a magical luminescence with exceptional detail and contrast. The ready-to-hang "float mount hanger" gives the appearance of the print floating off the wall. Each metal print is waterproof, easy-to-clean and protected with an ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface, ensuring it will enhance your home for years.

Marion's photography has been featured in National Geographic Traveler, Better Homes & Gardens, REader's Digest, and the Nature Conservancy to name a few. Her work is also featured in one of the exhibits at The Smithsonian.

Garden Faces & Vases is available in a 16x24 inch format, with other sizes available upon request. 

Each print comes with rounded corners (no sharp edges!) and a surface coating of your choice (high gloss or satin).

At $250, plus shipping, Garden Faces and Vases is an investment in beauty. And with the option for drop-shipping anywhere, it's never been easier to add this breathtaking piece to your collection.

Rachel Whiddon

I was gifted this print for a birthday and it is a favorite of mine. So cheerful and bright! 

Rachel Whiddon

I bought that picture years ago and it is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning. Just brightens my day. I love it.

Sue Rohrer

Sonya M

I absolutely love my print! It brightens my spirits just looking at it! It was a birthday gift from my Dear Man and I cherish it.

Sonya Mortenson